41% Of QAnon-Aware Republicans: It’s Good For USA

Pew Research reports:

During this campaign, public attention to the once-obscure QAnon – a collection of connected conspiracy theories that has been declared a domestic terror threat by the FBI – has grown, with a few “Q” proponents running for Congress and Trump expressing support for at least one of them.

The percentage of Americans who say they have heard “a lot” or “a little” about QAnon has roughly doubled from 23% in March to 47% in the new survey. Democrats are somewhat more likely to have heard at least a little about these theories than Republicans (55% versus 39%, respectively).

About four-in-ten Republicans who have heard of the QAnon conspiracy theories say QAnon is a good thing for the country. In this environment, the QAnon conspiracy theories have become another area of partisan divide.

An overwhelming majority of Democrats who have heard something about QAnon (90%) say it is at least “somewhat bad” for the country, including 77% who say it is “very bad.” But 41% of Republicans who have heard something about it say QAnon is somewhat or very good for the country.