Two Participants In Illegal White House Naturalization Ceremony Weren’t Told They’d Be Part Of Convention

The Hill reports:

Two women who were featured in a video of a naturalization ceremony shown at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night said they did not know it would be aired at the political event.

Sudha Narayanan and Neimat Awadelseid told The Wall Street Journal that they didn’t mind being featured but said they were not aware the video would be aired at the convention. They also told the newspaper they didn’t know until minutes before the ceremony, which was held at the White House, that President Trump would attend.

Awadelseid, a Sudanese immigrant and substitute teacher, told the Journal she remembers signing a media release form but does not remember being told about the GOP convention. She also told the newspaper that she plans to vote in November but is unsure of which candidate she will support for president.