Trump May Deliver Nomination Acceptance Speech From White House, Breaking Decades Of Campaign Protocol

The Washington Post reports:

Republican National Convention planners are considering the White House South Lawn as the site of President Trump’s nationally televised nomination acceptance speech later this month, according to a Republican familiar with the discussions.

The decision to stage the most high-profile political event of Trump’s reelection campaign at the national seat of presidential power would be just the latest break by Trump in presidential norms, which have historically drawn clear lines between official business of the president and campaign events.

The Hill reports:

President Trump said early Wednesday that he is considering delivering his GOP nomination acceptance speech from the White House later this month.

“We’re thinking about it. It would be the easiest from the standpoint of security,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” when asked about reports that GOP convention planners were considering the White House South Lawn as an option.

The president’s use of the White House for overtly political events has broken with decades of practice by past presidents, who have sought to avoid campaign business on the White House grounds.