Trump Lawyer Helping Kanye West Qualify For Ballot

Vice News reports:

Kanye West has officially submitted signatures to appear on the ballot in Wisconsin, arguably the most important state on the presidential map — and those signatures were dropped off by an experienced GOP operative with ties to President Trump’s campaign.

A local reporter recorded Lane Ruhland heading in to drop off the signatures that would qualify West for his presidential bid in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Ruhland is one of a handful of GOP election lawyers in the state — and a former legal counsel for the state Republican Party.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

West’s nominating petitions were dropped off with state regulators by Lane Ruhland, former general counsel for the state GOP. More important, she is currently representing Trump’s re-election campaign in a federal lawsuit against a Rhinelander TV station.

Many believe a West candidacy would siphon away votes from former Vice President Joe Biden, who has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination and will face President Donald Trump in November.

Ruhland’s ties to West’s campaign elicited sharp criticism from Melissa Baldauff, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ former spokeswoman. In a tweet, Baldauff noted state Republicans ran several fake GOP candidates during the recall elections nearly a decade ago.