Trump Cultist Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams Proves Biden Is A Satanist Because J-O-E Spells Joe [VIDEO]

“Did you know if you took the capital letter J — just imagine the capital letter J in your mind — now think of the next letter in ‘Joe.’ It’s an O.

“Now just move with your mind the O to the left until it’s on top of the J. It’s a backward six.

“Now suppose the next letter is the lowercase E. What does a lowercase E look like if you turn it upside down? Well, it looks like a six.

“So you’ve got the J and O together. If you combine them it looks like a backward six. You’ve got this lowercase E that looks like an upside-down six, but that’s just two sixes.

“Six​, six wouldn’t mean anything, right? But the next letter is capital B for Biden, and capital B is where you hide your six. So even J-O-E-B is 666.” – Scott Adams.

Adams is one of the most popular cultists on Twitter with over half a million followers. He last appeared on JMG in July 2019 when he exploited breaking news of a California mass shooting to promote his “witness” app.