Trump Builds Special Platform For Hannity On WH Lawn

CNN reports:

When representatives from all the major TV networks visited the White House’s South Lawn on Monday, part of what’s known as a “walkthrough” to prepare for President Trump’s Thursday night speech there, there was a surprise: A mystery anchor platform.

The platform hadn’t been on any of the diagrams given to the networks for the prime time address Trump is slated to deliver at the end of the Republican National Convention. So calls were made. Emails were exchanged. And the network executives discovered that the platform was built for one of the president’s biggest supporters: Sean Hannity.

That means Hannity, who’s sometimes talked about as a “shadow chief of staff” for Trump, is getting special treatment from the Trump re-election campaign, according to multiple sources involved in the planning. It’s the latest in a long line of examples of Trump favoring the Fox News personalities who promote him the most.