Tell-All Book: How Melania Trump Froze Out Ivanka

Vanity Fair reports:

During the inauguration, Wolkoff writes that she and Melania launched “Operation Block Ivanka,” making sure that she was seated out of frame in the photos of President Trump being sworn in.

Once they were in the White House, Wolkoff writes that Ivanka and her staff wrote to her and Melania about co-hosting several events that were traditionally hosted by just the first lady. “Are you kidding me?” Melania asked Wolkoff about Ivanka’s request to collaborate for International Women’s Day. “Seriously? I’m not co-hosting.”

For the annual luncheon held for the governors’ spouses that Ivanka wanted in on, Melania said, “We need to let her know that I know this is a First Lady event done every year…OMG. They just want to take credit for it.”

At the link you’ll see tidbits like Melania insisting on being listed as “First Lady-Elect” and that she refused to move to DC until a White House bathroom was remodeled. The book is due next month.