So Far Delta Has Put 100 Covidiots On Its No Fly List

NPR reports:

When it comes to the new rules for the novel coronavirus, airlines like Delta are taking them very seriously. So far, the carrier has banned 100 anti-maskers from taking their flights and gone a step further by adding them to a “no fly” list. The legal reasoning is pretty straightforward, says Sharona Hoffman, co-director of Case Western Reserve University’s Law-Medicine Center. She puts it simply: “They’re a private business, and private businesses can have rules.”

“No one has a right to fly,” explains Eduardo Angeles, a lawyer who served as FAA associate administrator for airports during President Barack Obama’s administration. For those who land on the no-fly list because of mask infractions, processes to get your name removed would likely vary from airline to airline, guesses Angeles. “They have to go through their due process and appeal with the airline.”