RNC Guest Speaker Supports One Vote Per Household: “In A Godly System, The Husband Gets The Final Say”

The Week reports:

Shortly before the RNC began, a White House reporter for CBS News drew attention to two of Abby Johnson’s tweets from May in which she expressed support for “bringing back household voting,” which would give each household a single vote — and give husbands “the final say.” (Johnson doubled down on this outlandishly retrograde position on Tuesday evening just a few hours before her speech.)

No wonder, then, that when she stood at the podium at the Mellon Auditorium in Washington D.C., Johnson unleashed an unmodulated attack on her former employer Planned Parenthood, denouncing its “racist roots,” deploring its “barbarity,” and even pausing to evoke “what abortion smells like.” The assault naturally culminated in gushing praise for the anti-abortion efforts of President Trump.