QAnon/GOP Senate Nominee: God “Whooshed” Into My Hotel Room In 2009, Said “Plan On Run For Congress”

“I was in Phoenix, Arizona on a business trip — and this was, uh, either January 8th or 9th, 2009 — I had just returned to my hotel room traveling solo, having dinner, turned on the TV, and they’re showing the U.S senators getting nominated. Or not nominated — sworn in.

“And I looked at the TV and I said, ‘What an incredible honor.’ I started tearing up just like this. I said, ‘What an incredible honor to be sworn in as a United States senator.’

“And what I’m about to say — because I know this is getting broadcast… everywhere — I believe that, if we listen, we can hear the voice of God because the Lord says, ‘My sheep hear my voice.’

“I audibly heard a whoosh in my hotel room — this was in January, it was not the heater, the heating system was not in the ceiling.

“And I heard the Lord say, ‘Plan on making a run to go to Washington, D.C. U.S. Congress. Five to six-year time frame.” I looked up, I said, ‘What?! Okay’. And that was how the journey officially began.” – Oregon US Senate nominee and QAnon shitbag Jo Rae Perkins.(Via The Friendly Atheist)