Pirro: NRA’s Millions In Fraud Is “No Big Deal” [VIDEO]

“What she decides to do – and let me set the table here for a second – this Letitia James is a Trump-hating, NRA-hating individual, who made both a central theme of her campaign when she ran for attorney general in liberal New York State, if I need to add that myself.

“So she is coming through with her promise that she was going to destroy the NRA.

“But look, I’ve prosecuted organizations or individuals who cheated their organizations, okay. It happens all the time. It’s no big deal. Alright?

“But this is her conclusion – she says, ‘now I’m going to move to dissolve the NRA.’ You’re gonna dissolve the NRA? It is the biggest voice for gun owners in America. Is this suddenly starting to sound political?” – Jeanine Pirro, today on Fox News.