Pastor Performs Faith-Healing Over Zoom: I Brought Two People Out Of Comas “Right In The Zoom Room”

“We’ve used every avenue. We’ve used Skype phone calls, Zoom rooms and Facebook Live to minister healing to people. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen two people come into a Zoom Room from their hospital room.

“We saw a person come out of a coma during a Zoom call. Two different people in the past few weeks have awakened from a coma right in the Zoom room.

“Though the COVID-19 virus has challenged our mental endurance and our perception of limitations, we are learning that the Lord moves in the midst of every circumstance.

“We are letting God enlarge our capacity to believe even while we can’t do the things we did before [the virus]. So, we are going to be OK. I can believe that he can.

“I know he spoke to the centurion’s servant who was in another town, and we saw him healed.” – Pastor Chuck Parry, speaking to Charisma News.

Parry’s church made international news last year when it held a “resurrection” prayer vigil over the dead body of a toddler, finally admitting after a full week that the two year-old was actually dead.