Ohio Anti-Mask Covidiot Harasses Multiple Locations

Yahoo News reports:

After a fight over wearing a mask at a DMV went viral earlier in the week, a local Ohio “Karen” is back at it again — this time at Planet Fitness.

Anna Peric feels extremely passionately about masks and wants to world to know it. She was filmed berating a Planet Fitness manager because she has limited time to exercise, dammit, and she does not believe she needs to wear a mask whilst doing so. When the staffer asked Peric to put a mask on while she was on the treadmill, Peric went off, accusing him of harassment.

Peric first went to Planet Fitness without a mask Saturday afternoon, then returned later offering the same argument to a security guard — essentially ruining two days with her petty diatribe, claiming because she’s in a public space exercising, the mandatory mask mandate doesn’t apply.