NY Couple Charged In Face Mask-Related Assault That Left Teenage Theme Park Worker Hospitalized [VIDEO]

Philadelphia’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Two New Yorkers now charged for an attack that broke the jaw of a teenage Sesame Place worker in a face mask dispute earlier this month at the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, theme park. The “unwarranted brutal assault” left the teen hospitalized for almost a week, Middletown Township police said.

On Wednesday morning, U.S Marshals arrested Troy McCoy at his Bronx, New York, home, police in Pennsylvania said.

McCoy, 39, attempted to barricade himself in his home but Marshals were able to get into the home and arrest him, police said. McCoy is set to be brought back to Bucks County to face aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, conspiracy, disorderly conduct and harassment charges.