MICHIGAN: Proud Boys And White Supremacist Militia Members Fist-Fight Protesters In Kalamazoo [VIDEO]

Kalamazoo’s CBS News affiliate reports:

Members of the Proud Boys group moved through western Michigan on Saturday. The group originally planned to hold a rally in Arcadia Creek Festival Place in Kalamazoo, an outdoor area and event space. After hundreds of counterprotesters and police arrived at the location, the group began to move through the city.

Police had a large presence throughout the demonstration and could be heard over speakers telling crowds to clear from the area. A church reserved Arcadia Creek Festival Place at the same time the rally was set to start in what organizers said was a counterprotest against the Proud Boys.

Grand Rapids’ ABC News affiliate reports:

The Proud Boys, a white nationalist group, were there for a planned rally.When the Proud Boys arrived a confrontation ensued in the streets. Some engaged in fist fighting before police arrived in the area and ordered the crowds gathered to disperse.

“Once we establish that civil unrest that’s when there’s that police line,” said Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Capt. Vernon Coakley. Coakley said a few people were arrested, but didn’t know exactly how many.

In the clips below, you’ll see the flag of the white supremacist militia, the Three Percenters.