McEnany Denies Trump Just Endorsed Voting By Mail

Mediaite reports:

WNBC’s Geoff Bennett invoked Trump’s tweet during McEnany’s press briefing, and he asked her to explain the about-face. “What in his view changed? Was he advised by Republicans that he was potentially suppressing his own vote by stoking unfounded fears about mail-in voting? Will he admit now the fact that voting by mail across the country by mail is safe and secure and tried and true?”

McEnany responded that Trump was differentiating between absentee voting and mail-in voting, to which, Bennett countered “it’s the same thing.” As the press secretary continued to bash Nevada’s universal mail-in voting plan, Bennett continued to note “fraud in the mail system is extraordinarily rare.” McEnany claimed there was “ample evidence of fraud,” and she doubled down on Trump’s dubious fraud claims.