Mat Staver: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Un-American

From the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow:

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver disagrees with any claim that getting the vaccination would be our patriotic duty. “The fact that someone even raises an argument that you ought to have mandatory vaccinations is absolutely un-American,” he responds. “It is not patriotic; it’s unconstitutional, it’s coercive, and it’s never happened before in America. We should never go down this road.”

The suggestion is merely hypothetical at this point, as no COVID-19 vaccine is currently on the market. “What we ought to do is free up a drug that’s been on the market and approved by the FDA for over 65 years: Hydroxychloriquine,” says Staver. “It has shown over and over again in multiple studies to be very, very effective at reducing and eliminating coronavirus in the early stages.”

Staver recently claimed that any COVID vaccine will contain “murdered babies” because fetal cell lines are used in their development.

Earlier this summer Staver launched a money beg scheme in which suckers pay up to $75 to fax members of Congress against “mandatory vaccines.”