Lively Blames LGBTQs And JMG For “Cultural Marxism”

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Anti-LGBTQ extremist Scott Lively called Chief Justice John Roberts a “snake in the grass” after Roberts joined a July 24 ruling against churches that were challenging public health orders that restrict the size of gatherings in houses of worship.

Lively blamed an array of problems on LGBTQ people, who he said “have been the point of the spear in the United States of cultural Marxism all the way going all the way back to the 1940s.”

Lively welcomed “gay activists and other hard lefties” who might be listening to him “so that you can attack me on Right Wing Watch and JoeMyGod and all these other reprobate platforms,” adding this message:

“I hope that you’re actually hearing something that will touch your heart, will penetrate that rocky crust that you have around your mind and your heart, and that will show you that people like me and Richard May actually do love our fellow man and we love the country that America’s founders gave to us, just the way that it was—well, not just the way that it was. It needed some modifications.”

Read the full article. Lively last appeared on JMG when he declared he’d rather be beheaded than wear a mask.