Liberty Pastor Apologizes To Students For “Shameful” Falwell Scandal: “If It’s Christian, It Ought To Be Better”

“This, this moment that we’re in is a mess. Let me begin by saying to you. I am sorry. In my opinion, you as a Liberty student deserve better and the embarrassment that’s been brought upon you as a Liberty student and more importantly brought upon the name of Christ is wrong.

“I know that many of you are hurting and that breaks my heart. Your concerns, if you’re concerned, are valid. If you’re not concerned, you should be concerned. You and your family have worked hard to pay for a Christian education and this wasn’t what you signed up for.

“I heard from one of you that you hesitated wearing your Liberty T-shirt this summer because you did not want the more recent baggage that came with it and it just shouldn’t have been that way so let me be the first to say to you if no one else has and to personally apologize and say I am sorry.

“Liberty is God’s college and as our founder always said, ‘if it’s Christian, it ought to be better,’ certainly better than this.

“We still believe in the God-given vision that was given to us in 1979 and together we’re going to make sure we are on God’s path to accomplish this vision more than ever before.” – Liberty University Campus Pastor David Nasser, speaking before the student body.