Lawyer Larry Klayman Sues CNN For Defamation

Law & Crime reports:

Conservative attorney Larry Klayman filed a lawsuit on Tuesday accusing “rabidly anti-Trump” CNN of defaming him in order to defame his client Dr. Judy Mikovits by association—and to “protect” Dr. Anthony Fauci. Klayman alleges that, in the initial article, Oliver Darcy defamed him by writing, “Larry Klayman, a right-wing lawyer, (who) has a history of pushing misinformation and representing conspiracy theorists.”

Klayman, who founded conservative groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, has represented George Zimmerman in a lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s family, Laura Loomer, Cliven Bundy, Joe Arpaio, and Jerome Corsi, to name a few. Calling the coronavirus a “bioweapon,” Klayman has asked the International Criminal Court to investigate China. He has also attempted to sue China for trillions of dollars in federal court over what he called the “creation and release” of COVID-19.

See the lawsuit here. Good grief.

I’ve been reporting on Klayman for so many years, I can’t even keep track of how many crackpots he has represented or the insane suits he has filed.

Perhaps most memorable is the time he stood outside the White House with a bullhorn and shouted for President Obama to “put down the Koran and come out with your hands up.” Klayman, you may recall, filed multiple birther lawsuits against Obama.

Last week a federal court dismissed his multi-billion dollar suit on behalf of Laura Loomer against Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook. In June, he was suspended by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for 90 days over ethical violations.