Lara Trump Cites Fake Lincoln Quote In RNC Speech

The Week reports:

As Albert Einstein once notably stated, “The problem with quotes you find on the internet is they are often untrue.” Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, learned that the hard way on Wednesday night.

During her speech at the Republican National Convention, Trump declared that Abraham Lincoln “once famously said, ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.'”

Last year, a Facebook meme crediting Lincoln with that statement went viral in right-wing circles, but both PolitiFact and Snopes have debunked it.

Fox News reports:

The speech by Trump – the wife of President Trump’s son Eric – continued a theme that has been present throughout this year’s RNC: that electing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will lead the country down a path favored by the more progressive members of the Democratic Party.

“This is not just a choice between Republican and Democrat or left and right — this is an election that will decide if we keep America America, or if we head down an uncharted, frightening path towards socialism,” she said.

Trump continued: “Will we choose the right path and maintain the unique freedoms and boundless opportunities that make this country the greatest in the history of the world? The choice is ours.”