Kushner Has “No Fear” Of Sending His Kids To School Because Kids Are Far More Likely To Die From The Flu

The New York Post reports:

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said Sunday he has “no fear” when it comes to allowing his own kids to return to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kushner — who shares three children with his wife, first daughter Ivanka Trump — said that he will “absolutely” send them back to school in an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Our school’s not opening back up five days a week,” he told the program. “I wish they would, but we absolutely will be sending our kids back to school, and I have no fear in doing so.”

The president’s son-in-law added that he wasn’t concerned about his children being exposed to the virus. “Children have a six times higher chance to die from the flu than from the coronavirus, so based on the data I’ve seen, I don’t believe that’s a risk,” he said.