Kentucky’s Ark Encounter: Watch God Drown Millions Of Sinners With Our New Virtual Reality Exhibit [VIDEO]

The Christian Post reports:

The creationist theme park Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky has launched a $3 million virtual reality experience that aims to show visitors what it would be like to travel back to see Noah’s Ark and the Genesis flood.

The park, owned by young earth creationist organization Answers in Genesis, officially opened its first virtual reality theatre called “Truth Traveler” to the public on Monday with the showing of its first virtual reality show titled “A Flood of Reality.”

“It is a very high-tech experience,” said Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham, a Christian apologist and author, in an interview with The Christian Post. “The seats are the highest-tech seats you can get. When you put on the virtual reality glasses and then the program is underway, you actually feel like you are flying.”