Jerry Falwell Jr. Quotes MLK After Resignation: Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free At Last

Talking Points Memo reports:

Jerry Falwell resigned from Liberty University this week after Reuters reported that, according to former Miami pool boy Giancarlo Granda, “Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room” as Jerry’s wife Becki and Granda had sex.

Falwell reportedly quoted Martin Luther King Jr., telling a Lynchburg reporter that he was “free at last” from the institution he headed for years, which bans members of the opposite sex from spending time together in private or from dancing together.

Politico reports:

“Jerry Falwell Jr. admired Trump’s strongman public persona,” Granda told POLITICO in one of a series of phone conversations and emailed exchanges. “Also, there was a noticeable personality change after Trump was elected. He was drunk on power and felt like he could get away with anything.”

Nonetheless, Falwell failed in his mission: erasing his ties to Granda. The young property manager — who would go on to earn a master’s degree in real estate from Georgetown University — agreed to a buyout, he said, but Falwell never paid. It was his determination to get the money, he said, that led him to continue to seek payment from the Falwells.

A month after Falwell offered to buy out Granda’s share of the hostel, Trump launched his bid for office. Falwell — to the surprise of many evangelicals — started talking Trump up on the campaign trail. Falwell became the first major evangelical leader to endorse Trump, providing a crucial bridge to a constituency that was deeply skeptical of him.