James O’Keefe Exposed In Plot To Undermine Election

The New Republic reports:

For well over a year, Project Veritas has been secretly producing undercover stings designed to undermine the integrity of absentee and mail-in ballot counts—an endeavor codenamed “Diamond Dog,” according to documents we have obtained.

Diamond Dog began as only one facet of Project Veritas’s 2020 rat-fucking strategy, but with the onset of the pandemic, which has made in-person voting a dicey proposition, it has since become one of the group’s top-line action items.

The purpose of Diamond Dog, as one source close to the organization put it, is “literally to get Trump reelected.” This source, like other past and present Project Veritas employees who have talked to us for this article, expressed fear of reprisals from the group and would only speak under the condition of anonymity.

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O’Keefe, as you may recall, has conducted multiple similar stunts, most of which went nowhere due to his group’s “comical incompetence” – as the above-linked article characterizes them.

He last appeared on JMG when it was revealed that Erik Prince’s outfit had attempted to train Project Veritas staffers, but they were “too stupid to learn.”

In 2018, O’Keefe claimed that Trump had repeatedly asked him to break into Columbia University and steal Barack Obama’s student transcripts. In 2017, O’Keefe flamed out spectacularly when he attempted to sting the Washington Post with a fake Roy Moore accuser.

Also in 2017, O’Keefe was banned from soliciting donations in Florida due to his criminal record. Despite that, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas presented him with a right wing group’s “Impact Award” during a ceremony held that month at Trump’s DC hotel.