Iowa Paper Blasts Trump Campaign For Unauthorized And “Manipulated” Use Of Their Photo To Attack Biden

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports:

A new ad from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign uses a manipulated version of a news photo taken in Coralville by a Gazette photographer to falsely say it shows presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hiding in his Delaware basement.

The image, which was used without The Gazette’s permission, was taken by Photo Editor Liz Martin in December 2019 when Biden was visiting the home of Coralville Mayor John Lundell. About three dozen supporters and journalists were at the event, Martin said, and Biden sat on the floor to give someone else his seat.

The Gazette’s policy forbids the use of Gazette news photos for any political advertising. Neither Martin nor Diana Pesek, who handles the newspaper’s licensing requests, gave the campaign permission to republish the image.

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