Historian At DNC: Joe Biden Just Might Save Our Souls

Axios reports:

Historian Jon Meacham invoked the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Democratic National Convention Thursday, saying that “bending the arc of the moral universe” toward justice “requires all of us” — and a “president of the United States with empathy, grace, a big heart and an open mind.”

Meacham’s task during his address was to define “The Soul of America” — the title of his 2018 bestseller. He said the soul is “animated by the proposition that we are all created equal and by the imperative to ensure that we are treated equally.”

“This is a grave moment in America. A deadly virus is ravaging us. Our jobs are evaporating. Our democracy is under assault from an incumbent more interested in himself than he is the rest of us,” Meacham said.