Gym Jordan: Reject Cancel Culture And Reelect Trump

Rep. Jim Jordan writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

You don’t have free speech when only one side is allowed to talk. You don’t have freedom when one side can be “canceled” for disagreeing with the other. In today’s world, opposing views aren’t challenged or debated, they’re censored by the left – the left that controls Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and virtually all of the Democrats in Congress. And every day, this same “cancel-culture” left is looking for someone new to target.

Certain media are also threatened by “cancel culture.” It seems every day a new advertiser is forced by the left to explain their relationship with Fox News, a network trusted by millions of Americans. And of course, it doesn’t matter to the left that Fox is the most-watched news organization in the history of cable television. If the mob doesn’t like what a Fox host says on their show, they, too, could be canceled.