Group That Handed Out Cash In Black Communities Loses Tax-Exempt Status, Created By Trump Evangelical

But why did it take three years?

A nonprofit organization started by two Trump administration allies that stirred up controversy earlier this year for holding cash giveaways in predominantly Black communities had its tax exempt status auto-revoked after failing to provide legally required forms to the Internal Revenue Service for three years in a row.

The organization, called the Urban Revitalization Coalition, Inc. and created to support President Donald Trump and his administration’s policies, was started by Pastor Darrell Scott, the co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, and Kareem Lanier, who works in real estate and business development. Both Scott and Lanier lead the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

According to public information on the IRS website, the organization’s tax exemption status “was automatically revoked for not filing a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years” effective May 15, 2020 and was placed on the “Automatic Revocation List” on August 11, 2020.

It was Scott who organized the now-infamous laying of hands on Trump in the Oval Office several years ago. By coincidence, Trump just retweeted him.