GOP/QAnon US Senate Nominee: Masks And Social Distancing Are A Plot To Turn Us Into Zombies [VIDEO]

“They need to start breaking the bond that we have with each other. And they can do that by making us wear a mask. By telling us to stay at least six feet away from another human being. Because we don’t want to get too close, because they could be bad for us.

“See, this is all about de-socialization. Love and hate are not tangible. If we continue to social distance, de-socialize, mask-shame people, we lose our caring for our fellow human being.

“And we become zombies. That’s what’ll happen. And it’s very insidious, they’re not going to be open, obvious, about what they’re going to do.

“I know people are going to call me crazy. They’re going to call me a conspiracy theorist. This on the basis on what I’ve read on some of the Marxist theories.” – Jo Rae Perkins, Oregon Republican nominee for the US Senate.