Global Internet Outage Takes Down Sites, Streamers

The Verge reports:

Reports indicate a slew of popular websites and online services are experiencing outages today, seemingly linked to an issue with Cloudflare. DownDetector, a platform that tracks connectivity complaints, shows that some of the services impacted include the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The platform suggests there was a knock-on effect with many popular video games, such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny, Apex Legends and Valorant.

Discord, PayPal, CenturyLink, Electronic Arts (EA), Riot Games, and Hulu are also experiencing issues, according to incident reports via DownDetector.

The Associated Press reports:

CenturyLink customers across the country are waking up to no internet Sunday. According to CenturyLink, technicians are working now to resolve an IP outage. At this time, it is unclear how widespread the outage is, although according to a CenturyLink outage map, the issue appears to be affecting customers across the country.