Giuliani Wants More “Alzheimer’s” Attacks On Biden

Politico reports:

Giuliani had some of his own advice. “If I were running the campaign I would do a commercial with the people in St. Louis who had to guard their homes with guns. That’s a suburb!” (The couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, was recently charged in St. Louis with the unlawful use of a weapon, but the state’s attorney general has defended them.)

Giuliani also recommended that Trump allies begin arguing that Biden is mentally ill. “I have a good friend who has early stage Alzheimer’s and they could be twins,” he said.

When a POLITICO reporter pointed out that some people have argued that Trump is mentally ill, Giuliani rebuffed the idea. “Nobody thinks Trump has a mental issue,” he said. “They attack him for his personality and his emotions.”

Begin arguing?