Rudy Giuliani Rages Against Black Lives Matter At RNC

The Associated Press reports:

Rudy Giuliani is painting a grim portrait of violence in America as he endorses President Donald Trump’s reelection bid at the Republican convention. He made no mention of the Russia investigation, in which he defended Trump, or his role in trying to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine.

The saga ended up with Trump getting impeached by the Democratic-led House, but he was acquitted by the Republican-led Senate.

The former New York mayor said in his speech Thursday that a vote for Democrat Joe Biden is a vote for “soft on crime” policies and risks a continuation of the “wave of lawlessness” that he says is ravaging the country.

Axios reports:

Giuliani took on the “unprecedented wave of lawlessness” that has swept across the U.S. at the RNC Thursday night, accusing the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa of turning peaceful protests into “vicious, brutal riots.”

As mayor of New York City, Giuliani was famous for championing a controversial record of crime-fighting, including policies like stop-and-frisk.

He tore into his successor Bill De Blasio for allowing crime to rise in New York, and accused Joe Biden of being a “Trojan horse” for progressives “waiting to execute their pro-criminal, anti-police, socialist policies.”