Gallup: 53% Of Republicans Would Refuse COVID Vax

Just in from Gallup Polling:

With more indications that a vaccine could be close, the next question for health professionals, policymakers and political leaders will be Americans’ willingness to be vaccinated once a vaccine is ready.

But many Americans appear reluctant to be vaccinated, even if a vaccine were FDA-approved and available to them at no cost. Asked if they would get such a COVID-19 vaccine, 65% say they would, but 35% would not.

The results are based on July 20-Aug. 2 polling in Gallup’s COVID-19 tracking survey, conducted with members of Gallup’s probability-based panel. While Gallup has consistently seen that U.S. party preferences play a strong role in Americans’ views on COVID-19, the new poll extends that to willingness to be vaccinated.

Eighty-one percent of Democrats are willing to be vaccinated today if a free and FDA-approved vaccine were available. That compares with 59% of independents and just under half of Republicans, 47%.