Feds Threaten Alleged Wall Scammer With Gag Order

Just like Roger Stone, he won’t shut up:

Federal prosecutors are urging a recently indicted border-security advocate to clam up or face the possibility of a gag order limiting his ability to speak out publicly about the criminal case he is facing.

Lawyers from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan wrote to a federal judge Friday to ask her to warn “We Build The Wall” founder Brian Kolfage to stop “highly inflammatory” social media posts about the fraud and money laundering conspiracy indictment that led to his arrest last week along with former Trump White House strategist Steven Bannon.

Among the posts the prosecutors object to are several that paint the charges as political, echo President Donald Trump’s frequent claim that he is facing a “witch hunt,” describe the fundraising-related case as a deliberate effort to target Trump supporters, and suggest the arrests were timed to embarrass Trump on the eve of the RNC.