Federal Court Boots Fox Contributor Dan Bongino’s Suit Against Daily Beast And He Must Pay Their Legal Fees

First a reminder from December last year:

You get a defamation suit! And you get a defamation suit! And YOU get a defamation suit! Everyone’s getting a defamation suit these days, thanks to conservative thought leader Rep. Devin Nunes, the influencer who started the trend when he sued a cow on Twitter for $250 million.

Now Fox News contributor Dan Bongino is joining the herd, hiring Nunes’ famous libelslander lawyer Steven Biss to make him whole after “a digital assassin owned and controlled by billionaire Clinton-devotees, Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg” destroyed his reputation by implying that his departure from NRATV might have been less than entirely voluntary.

Bongino last appeared on JMG when he declared, “You can take your mask mandate and shove it right up your ass.”