Facebook Restricts QAnon Searches, Hashtags, And Ads

ABC News reports:

Facebook says it will restrict the right-wing conspiracy movement QAnon and will no longer recommend that users join groups supporting it, although the company isn’t banning it outright. Facebook said Wednesday it is banning groups and accounts associated with QAnon and a variety of U.S.-based militia and anarchist groups that support violence. But the company will continue allow people to post material that supports these groups — so long as they do not otherwise violate policies against hate speech.

Facebook will still restrict the material it doesn’t remove, initially by no longer recommending it. For instance, when people join a QAnon group, Facebook will not recommend similar groups to join. Neither will it suggest QAnon references in searches or, in the near future, allow it in ads. As a result of the policy changes, Facebook says it has removed over 790 groups, 100 pages and 1,500 ads tied to QAnon on Facebook and has blocked over 300 hashtags.

Read the full article. Twitter did the same weeks ago.