Evangelicals: RNC Protesters Shouted Blasphemy At Us

The Christian Post reports:

Among those who attended the president’s speech on the South Lawn included Pastors Jentezen Franklin, Ed Young, Jack Graham, Robert Jeffress, Bishop Harry Jackson, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Ralph Reed, chair of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, and radio host Eric Metaxas.

Johnnie Moore [photo], a prominent religious freedom advocate who also attended the speech, told The Christian Post that he experienced the riots firsthand. “Violent provocateurs waited for us (and others) outside the White House gates in the city’s jurisdiction, at nearly midnight,” Moore recalled.

“Rather than succeeding at intimidating us with their vicious threats of violence, expletives, blasphemous slogans, hatred and intolerance they simply proved the very points the president made in his speech.”

Moore is a former vice president for Liberty University and once served as Dead Jerry Falwell’s assistant. It was Moore’s photo of scamvangelicals “laying hands” on Trump in the Oval Office that went viral years ago.