Epstein Victim: He Showed Me Off To Trump At Age 14

The Daily Beast reports:

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s first known victims is the last holdout against his estate. Last January, a California woman identified as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate and British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, who is facing federal charges for allegedly recruiting girls into the financier’s trafficking ring.

Doe also claims Epstein introduced her to Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago when she was only 14 years old. “This is a good one, right?” Epstein asked the future president, who allegedly smiled and nodded before sharing a chuckle with the depraved hedge funder. Doe’s lawsuit does not accuse Trump of any sexual misconduct.

Her lawyers say she’s the only survivor of Epstein’s abuse who has declined to stay her case in order to participate in the victims’ compensation fund, which opened for claims against Epstein’s $634-million estate in June.

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