Early Voting Slices Time For Trump To Make Recovery

The Associated Press reports:

It’s getting late early. President Donald Trump is privately reassuring Republicans anxious about his deficits to Democrat Joe Biden, noting there are three months until Election Day and reminding them of the late-breaking events that propelled his 2016 comeback. But four years later, the dynamics are very different.

“He’s losing and the trajectory of the race is moving away from him,” said Steve Schmidt, a senior adviser on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “People vote at a moment in time: Even if there is something of a political recovery for the president in October, that is irrelevant for those who already voted.”

The first state to hold early voting, the vital battleground of North Carolina, begins the process Sept. 4. A sudden halt in Trump’s expensive television advertisements last week highlighted the campaign’s challenge. It came just two weeks after a staffing shakeup.

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