DHS Sec: We Might Send Troops To Portland [VIDEO]

Axios reports:

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told ABC’s “This Week” that “all options continue to be on the table” in terms of sending federal law enforcement into Portland to quell violent protests. On Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sent President Trump a letter rejecting his offer of federal assistance.

“I do understand that there were a number of counter protests and counter groups in Portland overnight, and I think this points to a larger issue that we have seen in Portland for the last three months,” Wolf said.

“And that is local and state officials not allowing law enforcement to do their job and really to bring this violent activity night after night after night to a close.”

Mediaite reports:

In a broad-ranging interview on Sunday with ABC’s Jon Karl, Wolf was asked “did you know when you were there for that naturalization ceremony at the White House with the president that it was going to be played that night at the convention?”

Wolf deflected by referring to the DHS’ responsibility to oversee naturalization, adding “I participated in several of them not only with the president, but with the vice president.”

Karl returned to his question and asked again if Wolf knew that the RNC would feature it. “No,” Wolf answered before again defending the DHS’s role in conducting the naturalization process.