Covidiot Florida Gym Owner Arrested For Third Time

Miami’s ABC News reports:

Early Friday, Plantation police were parked outside of 1440 Fitness, letting members know the gym is closed and for now they’ll have to work out somewhere else. The gym’s owner Mike Carnevale’s spent Thursday night in Broward County jail over his refusal to enforce the use of face masks inside his business.

This is the third time Plantation Police Department officers arrested Carnevale, 31, over a violation of Broward County’s emergency order, which requires people to wear face masks to help reduce the spread of the contagious disease.

Carnevale has said he doesn’t feel comfortable forcing the members of his gym to wear face masks while working out. According to the Florida Department of Health’s latest data, there are 60,058 coronavirus cases and 782 deaths in Broward County.