Conway Rages When Asked If Trump Will Denounce Vigilantes: “Are You Trying To Incite More Trouble?”

The Daily Beast reports:

The outgoing White House counselor was talking about the “unfortunate” violence in American cities and the need for “law and order” when CNN reporter Joe Johns asked, “Is the president calling on his supporters in Kenosha, people like Kyle Rittenhouse, to stop the violence?”

“The president wants everybody to stop the violence,” Conway said in response. “And I know you’re trying to conflate that individual with President Trump and you really shouldn’t do that. Just like CNN shouldn’t have had a chyron last night that said ‘mostly peaceful protests’ with fire in the background. So, that’s pretty offensive, Joe.”

When Johns continued to press Conway on “vigilantes” who “are supporters of the president, “Why are you talking about who they may vote for?” Conway interrupted. “Why are you trying to incite more trouble?”