Cohen Cuts Attack Ad To Run During RNC [VIDEO]

CNBC reports:

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer and fixer for President Donald Trump, slammed his former boss as a liar while appearing in a pro-Democrat group’s attack ad that is set to air during this week’s Republican National Convention.

“For more than a decade, I was President Trump’s right-hand man, fixer and confidant. I was complicit in helping conceal the real Donald Trump. I was part of creating an illusion,” Cohen said in a 99-second video that the group, American Bridge 21st Century, posted on social media just a few hours before the first night of the RNC was set to kick off.

“Later this week, he’s going to stand up and blatantly lie to you,” Cohen said. “I’m here to tell you he can’t be trusted and you shouldn’t believe a word he utters.”

The clip already has 1.1 million views just on Twitter.