Christian Site: Resist “Prophetic Witchcraft” At Church

Jennifer LeClaire writes for Charisma News:

The Holy Spirit is grieved with the level of prophetic witchcraft in the body of Christ. Although the true prophetic movement is bringing encouragement, warning, healing and edification to the church, prophetic witchcraft sets out to deceive for the sake of platform or a paycheck.

While discussing the current state of the movement I heard the Lord say: “Those who are hungering and those who are thirsting after righteousness, they will be fulfilled in this next season. I am pulling many out of the clutches of Jezebel, and I am pulling many out of the clutches of the Baal prophets.”

Will you be part of the solution? I can’t count on both hands the number of times I see believers amen-ing, liking and sharing the prophetic words from false, immature or presumptuous prophets. Get equipped. The prophetic witchcraft you don’t resist and the prophetic word you don’t judge can derail your life.

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