China Enlisted Top RNC Fundraiser To Lobby Trump Administration On Extraditing Billionaire Bannon Crony

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A senior Chinese government official enlisted the help of a top fundraising official at the Republican National Committee to lobby the Trump administration in 2017 to return a Chinese businessman living in the U.S. who has long been sought by Beijing, according to a court document filed in Hawaii last week.

Sun Lijun, China’s then-vice minister of public security, met in a hotel suite in Shenzhen in May 2017 with Elliott Broidy, a venture capitalist and, at the time, national deputy finance chairman of the RNC, according to the document.

At Mr. Sun’s request, Mr. Broidy agreed to seek to use his influence with the Trump administration to advocate for the removal of Guo Wengui, a Chinese businessman living in New York, the document said.

Last week a Coast Guard vessel bearing Postal Service police intercepted Wengui’s yacht in Long Island Sound to arrest Steve Bannon. Last month Bannon and Wengui cruised around the Statue Of Liberty while live-streaming the half-dozen banner planes they’d hired to tow anti-China messages above the city. In 2018 Broidy resigned as the RNC chief fundraiser over allegations that he’d paid a mistress to abort his baby. Read the full article.