Biden Delivers Passionate Acceptance Speech [VIDEO]

The New York Times reports:

Speaking before a row of flags in his home state of Delaware, Mr. Biden urged Americans to have faith that they could “overcome this season of darkness,” and pledged that he would seek to bridge the country’s political divisions in ways Mr. Trump had not.

“The current president has cloaked America in darkness for much too long — too much anger, too much fear, too much division,” Mr. Biden said. “Here and now, I give you my word: If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness.”

Mr. Biden’s appearance was an emphatic closing argument in a four-day virtual convention in which Democrats presented a broad coalition of women, young people and racial minorities while going to unusual lengths to welcome Republicans and independent voters seeking relief from the tumult of the Trump era.

CNN’s Brian Stelter writes:

I wondered as I watched Biden’s fired-up-ready-to-go address: Did any of the Fox viewers who have been told, over and over again, that Biden is just a human blooper reel… a man who can’t string a full sentence together… were any of them surprised by his passionate, articulate acceptance speech?

Fox’s Bret Baier right afterward: That was “the best he’s been, as far as his delivery.” Chris Wallace: “It was an enormously effective speech. Remember, Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden as mentally shot, a captive of the left, and yes Biden was reading from a teleprompter and a prepared speech, but I thought he blew a hole — a big hole — in that characterization.”

Politico reports:

Biden devoted plenty of time to hitting Trump. But his aides, suspicious of news headlines that reflectively focus on the president, stressed that criticizing Trump wasn’t the main point of the speech. Biden lingered for long stretches on optimism and urged Americans to push past partisanship.

Biden’s commanding delivery could make it more difficult for Trump to paint him as staggering and senile (“Slow Joe”) at the Republican convention next week. At the same time, Biden’s focus on middle-of-the-road policies complicates Trump’s attempts to tag his ticket as pawns of the radical left.

Democrats swapped in fireworks for the traditional balloon drop to mark the close of events. In the most celebratory moment of the night, Biden stood on a stage outside, American flags in the backdrop. His wife Jill stood beside him along with his newly-minted running mate, Kamala Harris, and her husband, Doug Emhoff. On a warm summer night, they looked up at the explosion of colors in the sky, as a rowdy crowd at the drive-in convention site cheered.