Bible Camp Students Hazed With Cream On Genitals

The Roys Report reports:

Students attending a camp run by the Chicago-area megachurch, Harvest Bible Chapel, were subjected to hazing that included humiliating “punishments” and something called the “Icy Hot Challenge,” according to a recent statement by the church.

The hazing reportedly occurred from July 14-24 at Camp Harvest, a 650-acre, year-round camp in Newaygo, Michigan. The church said that in some cases, students were urged by a Harvest student pastor to participate in a dare called the “Icy Hot Challenge.”

The statement did not describe the challenge. However, according to the Urban Dictionary, the Icy Hot Challenge is a “very painful experience” where a group of guys apply Icy Hot, a lidocaine cream, to their genitals. Then the group sees who can stand the pain the longest.

Read the full article. The pastor has reportedly been fired. As you’ll see at the link, the church has been mired in other scandals recently.