Beirut Crowds Mob French President As He Offers Help

CNN reports:

Large crowds mobbed French President Emmanuel Macron in Beirut as he toured a neighborhood of the Lebanese capital devastated by Tuesday’s massive explosion.

“Revolution, revolution!” people chanted, as shock at the devastation in the city gave way to anger on Thursday. New information reveals that Beirut officials had ignored repeated warnings about a stockpile of dangerous chemicals linked to the blast that has killed 137 people and injured 5,000.

Macron told a crowd of reporters and angry people that he would propose a “new political pact” to Lebanon’s embattled political class during his visit to a predominantly Christian quarter of the city.

CBS News reports:

A series of arrests were made following Tuesday’s devastating explosions in Beirut, Lebanon. At least 137 people were killed in a flash, more than 5,000 and some 300,000 left homeless. Lebanese President Michel Aoun warned that the death toll is likely to rise.

“It is time to grieve for our martyrs, wounded and missing,” he told the country’s national news agency.

As new details emerged, the government on Wednesday ordered the house arrest of port officials who knew about the thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate explosives stored at the port for six years without safety measures. Aoun said the officials would face “the harshest punishment” if they are found responsible.