“Wall Of Moms” Protect Portland Protesters [VIDEO]

NBC News reports:

Dozens of women wearing yellow linked arms to form a protective “wall of moms” around Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday as the protesters clashed with federal law enforcement. Video from the scene showed crowds chanting “Feds stay clear, moms are here!” and “Feds go home!” before protesters toppled a fence erected around the federal courthouse. Federal agents fired back with what appeared to be tear gas and flash bangs, the video showed.

Portland police said none of their officers were present, nor did they engage with the crowds or deploy gas. The Department of Homeland Security couldn’t be immediately reached for comment about the involvement of federal agents in Sunday’s events. In an earlier statement regarding Saturday’s protests, the department described the demonstrators as “violent anarchists” who were “assaulting federal officers and damaging federal property.”